Opening van het GGTL Gemlab Gem Testing Laboratory in Antwerpen


Ons nieuwe hightech testlaboratorium voor edelstenen in Antwerpen, de diamanthoofdstad van de wereld, is nu open en full time bemand. Vanaf maandag 30 januari 2023 openen we officieel onze deuren in de Diamantclub van Antwerpen (DCVA) en bieden we onze diensten aan de handel aan.


Persbericht enkel beschikbaar in het Engels:

Launching of the GGTL Gemlab (Belgium) Gem Testing Laboratory in Antwerp. Our new high-tech gem testing laboratory in Antwerp – the diamond capital of the world – is now open and staffed full-time. From Monday January 30th 2023 we are officially opening our doors in in the Diamantclub van Antwerpen (DCVA) and we are offering our services to the trade. With this new high-tech laboratory, we can provide an easier, faster and more cost-effective option for the markets outside of Switzerland and Liechtenstein to get access to many of our diamond and colored stone testing services.

Besides the testing of single stones – i.e. larger gems – our laboratories are specialized in the efficient and accurate analysis of melee-sized gemstones, hence small gemstones of weights up to maximum 0.17 ct. We offer efficient melee screening and testing for both colored gemstones and for diamonds in all colors, to verify their authenticity and also treatments.
With CEO and research scientist Dr. Thomas Hainschwang who has 27 years of experience in gem testing and research – particularly fancy color diamonds – as well as in designing and building gem testing equipment, the new GGTL Gemlab (Belgium) laboratory positions itself as an authority on crucial issues such as color origin of fancy color diamonds, including the highly complex and controversial colors caused by natural or artificial irradiation (most green, yellow green to greenish blue diamonds). In a time with melee diamonds of all colors being more and more polluted by synthetic diamonds and also by treated diamonds, the screening of such goods has become of utmost importance. GGTL Laboratories is one of the very few laboratories to offer full testing for colored melee diamonds in all colors, sizes and shapes and will emphasize its leading market position in the testing of such colored melee diamonds with the new GGTL Belgium laboratory.

While not being put into the spotlight like synthetic diamonds in melee parcels, similar problems exist for meleesized colored gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, spinel etc. In such goods we commonly find synthetics, imitations and stones with unwanted treatments. Just like for diamonds, we have adapted our analytical methods and developed efficient testing to screen large volumes of tiny colored gemstones in a range of different gem species and varieties.

The fully equipped GGTL Belgium laboratory will be offering a range of services for diamonds in all colors and
colored gemstones, including the following:
- Authenticity and treatment testing for melee-sized colored diamonds.
- Authenticity and treatment testing for colorless and colored diamonds (single stones).
- Authenticity and treatment testing for highly complex colored diamonds with radiation-related colors
(yellow green, green, bluish green to greenish blue).
- For the time being, diamond grading services (single stones) will be offered upon request only.

- Authenticity and treatment testing for melee-sized colored stones of various species, such as corundum,
beryl, spinel, garnet, tourmaline, zoisite and quartz.
- Authenticity, treatment and country of origin determination for sapphire, ruby, emerald, alexandrite,
copper-bearing tourmaline and spinel.
- Authenticity and treatment testing for all other colored stones.

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