Warme oproep om de solidariteitsactie van het Rode Kruis te ondersteunen


De fundraising campagne van de Antwerpse diamantsector loopt van donderdag 22 juli tot en met woensdag 28 juli.


Dear members of the Antwerp diamond community,

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and Croix-Rouge de Belgique are joining forces to coordinate emergency aid in response to the devastating floods. Meanwhile the Red Cross is preparing to offer two free hot meals a day to some 10,000 households in the stricken area. The Antwerp diamond community is setting a target to raise the considerable sum of 300,000 Euro to be donated to the Belgian Red Cross in a show of solidarity for the victims. If we reach this sum our diamond community would prove its generosity and support to our country.

Therefore we urge that all diamond companies capable of giving make a donation to the Red Cross account number on BE70 0000 0000 2525. Enter "ANTWERP DIAMOND COMMUNITY" (please ensure that no typo errors occur) in the payment reference section so that your payment can be allocated correctly as donation from the Antwerp diamond sector. We will monitor the donations and update the Antwerp diamond community.

When does the fundraising campaign from the Antwerp diamond community end?

The Antwerp diamond sector's fundraising campaign starts today, Thursday 22 July at 2 pm and ends on Wednesday 28 July at 2 pm.

How much should your diamond business donate?  

The choice of whether and how much you give is entirely up to you. However, we ask that diamond companies capable of paying give the following donation amounts:

Diamond companies which realize an average turnover of 100 million Euro and more: 7.000 Euro

Diamond companies which realize an average turnover between 30 million Euro and 100 million Euro: 3.000 Euro

Diamond companies which realize an average turnover between 500.000 Euro and 30 million Euro: 1.000 Euro

Diamond companies which realize an average turnover below 500.000 Euro: 500 Euro

It is possible to obtain a tax certificate for your donation.

Please donate to the Red Cross as per your capacity and help the families in the flood-affected municipalities in Belgium!

Warm regards,


The Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses, The Syndicate of the Belgian Diamond Industry & Young Diamantaires Antwerp

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