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Since 1927 the legally recognized professional association of the Belgian and foreign diamond companies established in Belgium.
The Antwerp diamond industry is responsible for cutting and polishing the world's largest and most unique diamonds.
SBD not only represents companies in the diamond cutting and polishing business, but it expands its horizon to diamond-related companies in general, and focuses on diamond traders, brokers, gemological institutes and  polishers of precious and semi-precious gemstones. 
The main tasks of SBD are: 
• specialized sectoral advice to our members (including social and legal);
• industry publications;
• defending the common interests of our 
members in several consultative bodies and this within as well as outside the diamond sector and both nationally and internationally;
• providing legal and administrative support to www.diantwerp.com, the only B2B online marketplace for polished diamonds from Antwerp diamond manufacturers.
SBD is a representative employers’ organization within national joint committee 324 for blue collar workers and technical employees in the diamond cutting and polishing industry and diamond trade.
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On this website you can find recent editions of publications of the Syndicate of the Belgian Diamond Industry, including magazines and newsletters.

Cash payment of wages no longer allowed in the diamond industry

Today, October 9, 2023, the FPS WASO published the termination of the sectoral use of the cash payment of wages within PC324 on their website: https://werk.belgie.be/nl/themas/verloning/loonbescherming/uitbetaling-van-het-loon-van-hand-tot-hand-sectoraal-akkoord. The payment of wages from hand to hand is no longer permitted after a period of two months from the day of this announcement. Wages must therefore be paid via wire transfer with effect from December 10, 2023.


Launching of the GGTL Gemlab (Belgium) Gem Testing Laboratory in Antwerp

Our new high-tech gem testing laboratory in Antwerp – the diamond capital of the world – is now open and staffed full-time. From Monday January 30th 2023 we are officially opening our doors in in the Diamantclub van Antwerpen (DCVA) and we are offering our services to the trade. With this new high-tech laboratory, we can provide an easier, faster and more cost-effective option for the markets outside of Switzerland and Liechtenstein to get access to many of our diamond and colored stone testing services.


Antwerp diamond manufacturers hand over a cheque to diamond polishing school

The Antwerp diamond industry urgently needs an influx of young diamond polishers, as the median age is already 54. Hence ADMP donated the cash prize we won to the Stedelijk Lyceum Eilandje, in the presence of Peter Wouters, alderman for diamonds. The Stedelijk Lyceum Eilandje is the only secondary school in Europe that offers diamond polishing education.


More flexible working hour regulation in the diamond industry

At the end of April 2022, a law on the regulation of working hours in the diamond industry was published in the Belgian Official Gazette (publication: 27 April 2022).


SBD in BLOOVI: By joining forces, these seven competitors want to make the Antwerp diamond sector future-proof (article in Dutch)

De coronacrisis zette aan tot denken én doen: zeven diamantfabrikanten sloegen de handen in elkaar om de digitalisering van hun sector in te zetten.


XRF Analysis for jewelry - by SBD member Eddy Vleeschdrager

In this contribution, SBD member Eddy Vleeschdrager briefly guides you through XRF analysis for jewelry. XRF analysis is a non-destructive technique that takes advantage of the interaction between primary X-rays and material.


Warm call to support the solidarity action of the Red Cross

The Antwerp diamond sector's fundraising campaign starts today, Thursday 22 July at 2pm and ends on Wednesday 28 July at 2pm.


SBD is featured in the June issue of The New Jeweller - International

SBD is featured in the June issue of The New Jeweller, a special edition dedicated to Antwerp.


A career as a diamond polisher something for you? Then register yourself at the Stedelijk Lyceum Cadix-Eilandje! (Description in Dutch)

Deze afdeling is de enige in Europa op secundair niveau JOUW PROFIEL; Je bent handig, je hebt geduld en je kan je goed concentreren. Je werkt nauwkeurig en houdt van praktijk. Je hebt ambitie en verantwoordelijkheidszin. Je kent de naam en faam van Antwerpen in de diamantwereld.


Diamond Polishing Course Graduates to work on an IBO contract with SBD member companies (article in Dutch)

Op 15 juli konden zeven cursisten na drie maanden intensieve opleiding in de basiscursus “Van Ruw naar Briljant” hun diploma in ontvangst nemen.

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